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Good design that works beautifully
and stands the test of time

At KWGD, we can design a garden from start to finish or simply consult with you and discuss how you can create the garden of your dreams  that enhances the amenity of your residential or commercial property.


Our skills lies in helping to create our clients vision, seeing our projects through smoothly from conception to completion as well as working with good construction landscaping service providers. Design, consultation, construction, landscaping and maintenance services are all available.


Our focus is on creating fabulous gardens whether in town or country using thoughtful and sustainable principles. Our principal, Karen Wagner has a desire to assist and inspire anyone to garden, develop their garden spaces and enjoy it whether you are big or small, young or old and this is the underlying essential spirit of Karen Wagner garden design.

Having a strong horticultural background, Karen chooses and sources familiar and unique varieties of plants, suitable for our climate, to create the style desired, give texture and interest but always being aware of 
sustaining the natural environment and being water conscious.

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